“No Catherine, this is why I divorced your stupid ass, you enable her, I don’t give a shit if she is our daughter or not, she is a ticking time bomb. Her violent outbursts have gone too far and you know it. I don’t know why you have this image of a perfect girl in your head, our Julie is a monster, a fucking monster and you know it. You stupid bitch.”

“Catherine, don’t ignore my messages. I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings, I’m sorry for the aggressive tone, but she isn’t safe. And we both know this. Respond to my messages, please. She could have killed that boy, she almost did kill that boy. And for what? Because he teased her a little? Respond to my messages, maybe we can talk about this more peacefully. Respond.” " ██████ David, I dont know why I would want to talk to you after what you did, give me one good reason?" "Well, first off I know a shit ton of what goes on in your family, and all of your magic bullshit, I figure you wouldnt want that getting out?"